Performing Groups

Our Performing Groups

The purpose of our groups is to provide a safe and fertile environment for members to discover and develop their gifts and talents.

Each year, our members work together to hone their skills and discover abilities that are a benefit to themselves and their communities.

Through close interaction and cooperation, the members explore ways to convey a theme and try new aspects of the performing arts.Through classes, sharing, teaching and studying, students have the chance to expand their experiences and broaden their interests.

Members rehearse once/week locally, and offer public performances in the spring. Our performances are intended to be wholesome and fun entertainment for people of all ages.

Feel free to contact us to book performances or for information about joining. Final auditions are held on various dates in late spring and summer, with a new set of rehearsals beginning in the fall.

Please click on the Performing Group sub tabs to learn more about each one. 

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Memories of Gold

Malice in the Palace

We have just concluded our showings of Malice in the Palace. Congratulations to the cast and directors! 

Our next Bible musical is slated for next fall. Rehearsal time(s) to be determined. If you're interested in participating on any level, (acting, directing, musical support, backstage) please contact us!