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"Vessels Vault" was established in 2016 with a group of talented teens in order to re-introduce original musical shows from the Vessels of GOLD Vault of Treasures. Vessels of GOLD was established in 2001 and therefore has over 15 years of shows that are worth showing to a broader audience.

Our programs have been developed around a theme each year by the collaboration of members and directors.

In this short time-span, media technology has expanded to the point that we will present and preserve our programs in a way that was previously not possible.

Vessels Vault is the perfect group for any teenage movie star in the making!  Teens ages 12-18 meet each Tuesday throughout the school year to put together their own one-of-a-kind original movie from the script of a previous Vessels of G.O.L.D. show. Working with professional and apprentice filmmakers, Vault members will get a complete taste of the process, how to act on screen and then present in live and film form to the community.

Meet our 2019-20 Cast!

Meet the Cast!



Vault was amazingly fun and I got to learn so many things about theater, filming, and just music in general.

I've watched my daughter's confidence level soar over the last three years and that is at least in part due to the influence and training provided by the Directors. They genuinely care for each student and they are worthy of emulating.

Before joining Talents Unleashed (Vessels Vault specifically) I was very shy and not confident...joining this family has allowed be to mind a place where I feel accepted and at home...the memories I've made with this group will last we a lifetime, and I'm beyond thankful to the studio for giving me this opportunity.



Rootless Wanderer Movie

About our 2017-18 year: "Change"

"Choices" is returning to the community. It's a musical show about Choices in lifestyle and lives over time and across age groups. Through comedy, drama, music and dance, this rich show has music and scenes from across time. As always, this family-friendly show will entertain and enlighten audiences of all ages! 

The Vessels Vault began in the fall of 2016 with the idea that previous original Vessels of GOLD productions could be re-presented to the community via film. This would give our talented teens an opportunity to experience the filmmaking process, which is so very different from live stage performance.

We eased into our first year with the help of an experienced videographer. We rehearsed, recorded audio, designed sets and costumes...and left the camera and editing work to our expert. Our choice of show that year was unusual in that it was a single, continuous story.

Again this 2018-19 season, our program is a more typical offering of a segmented show based on a theme: “Choices.” The small vignettes and pieces of music have worked well to offer many of our cast members the opportunity to take the reins of the actual videography and editing in addition to the work of scouting locations, storyboarding, planning costumes, using green screens and more!

They will also do a number of live presentations in March.

Auditions for this group and others offered through Talents Unleashed begin May 1. 

Want to join?

Auditions for this group begin May 1.

Ages 12-18.

This group will rehearse 4:30-9:00 every Thursday evening September through March. The second Saturday of each month is reserved for shooting or recording. Cast members may or may not be needed at various times and locations for the Saturday shooting, but are asked to keep it available until the schedule is developed.

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