About Us

Who is our ideal customer? Those who have a desire to learn something new about the arts (even “appreciation”) and those who have a skill or idea to share.

What needs do we meet/what benefits do we provide? We meet the need for entry-level exposure to many aspects of the performing arts as well as the need for networking with other like-minded artists for the purpose of collaborating, performing and sharing work that is being developed.

What markets and geographical areas? Talents Unleashed operates out of South Florida. Physical classes are currently limited to this area, but opportunities for franchise may be available. Online collaboration, networking, radio broadcasts and other shared endeavors are open to contributors from any place in the world.

What sets us apart from our competition? Instead of limiting our vision to one aspect of the arts, we are forming a network for collaboration that is both physical and virtual. Through oversight and training, we strive to develop programs that are suitable for a wide variety of audiences, but with the purpose of enhancing and enriching lives through ethical and moral principles. This network will eventually form a virtual web of resources for training and development that will see few limits.

What’s the best thing that can be said? “I discovered a talent.” “I found a place to share my dreams.” “I found a safe and wholesome environment to develop my ideas.” “I learned sound ethical and business principles.” “I learned to soar!”

What gets us most excited? The idea of fulfilling a dream of enhancing and preserving the culture of our communities through education and performance that is enriching and meaningful, challenging but entertaining.