What is Chrysos?

Chrysos means "gold" in Greek. Gold has unique qualities and is considered precious. Things made of gold are usually set aside for a special purpose. G.O.L.D. is also Growth Opportunities for Learning and Development. Chrysos members are precious in every way. They are learning to develop their gifts and talents and share at every opportunity.

Who is Chrysos?

Chrysos cast members are aged 8-12. They meet weekly to participate in the development of an original performance set that includes music, dancing and drama.

Chrysos now offers two separate sessions for participation: fall and/or winter/spring.  Auditions for the winter session will take place the last week of November.

Their next performance is November 19, 2017 at Kendall United Methodist Church, 4:00 PM. This show is free and open to the public!

DVDs and Blu Rays of the Spring 2017 show are still available!  Our Fall 2017 show will be available at our Christmas Bazaar on December 2. 

Welcome to our Fall, 2017 cast!

Alexandra, Daniella, Olivia, Lucas, Tyler, Marissa, Gabriel, Lucy, Samantha, Allyson, Daniel, Sebastian, Jeilyan, Francisco, Max, Jocelyn, Alexa, Logan, Tawny, Naomi, Nathan, Bella, Alejandro, Sophia

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