What is Chrysos?

Chrysos means "gold" in Greek. Gold has unique qualities and is considered precious. Things made of gold are usually set aside for a special purpose. G.O.L.D. is also Growth Opportunities for Learning and Development. Chrysos members are precious in every way. They are learning to develop their gifts and talents and share at every opportunity.

Our summer camp experience was so popular that they wanted more - so Chrysos was formed in 2013. For some, it is a first experience, for others, it is a stepping stone to one of our teen group offerings. Either way, our cast members give input to the theme as we personalize our scripts and present musical theater offerings that delight our cast and audiences. They perform with Nuggets of GOLD at the end of each show season - spring and fall.

Who is Chrysos?

Chrysos cast members are age 9-12. They meet weekly to participate in the development of an original performance set that includes music, dancing and drama.

Chrysos now offers two separate sessions for participation: fall and/or winter/spring. 

With a successful fall performance in the recent past, they now look forward to performing at our Christmas Bazaar, and beginning a new season of rehearsals the week of January 6. Chrysos meets on Tuesdays, 4-6 PM and Thursdays 1:30-3:30. These groups work separately and together as they near performance time.

After their spring performance on March 22, they look forward to the combined performance at Seminole Theatre on May 1.

There are some spaces available beginning in January. Please contact us right away if interested.

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