Private Lessons

Piano Lessons

Voice Lessons

Beginner Guitar, Ukulele and Ocarina classes


Private piano and voice lessons are available in 1/2 hour or 1 hour increments, usually scheduled weekly. The cost is $25/half hour, payable at the beginning of the month as a contract for the number of lessons expected that month.

Lessons are scheduled with the individual teacher at a time agreeable to both.

No-show students will not receive a refund. In  case of emergency or last-minute illness, a make-up lesson may be scheduled or the payment rolled into the next month, depending on the circumstance and arrangement with the individual instructor. 

Please note that you are contracting for the individual teacher's time. Latecomers will be forfeiting part of their contracted lesson time.

Our instruction is personal and individualized, based on the needs and interests of the students.

Instructor bios may be found here.



American sign Language

Audio and video editing


Audition prep

Ballet and other traditional dance

Book clubs

Cheer dance

Choral groups/ensembles

Creative writing and poetry


Visual Arts/Drama/speech

Drawing, painting and more

General Learning

Guitar groups and classes

Homeschool supports

Hymn studies

Instrument ensembles

Movie reviews and discussions

Music appreciation Dance/physical

Music history classes

Music Theory Levels

Musical theater

Musik Garten

Oriental dancing 


Private lessons

Props and set construction

Public speaking

Script writing

Swing, Salsa and more




Voice group classes

Website design Writing/Editing/

Yoga, stretch





Instructor: Stella Jefferson

May include the following (depending on interest of participants) 

Monologue/Scene Improvement:  Feedback and tips to improve your audition or other acting piece (all ages)

Which Acting Style is for you?  Explaining various acting styles and doing exercises related to each one (all ages)

Open Scenes: Practicing believability and clarity and recognizing the goals of acting (all ages)

Pantomime: The art of exaggerated miming with music (all ages)

Scene Study: Learning and practicing script analysis (middle school +)

Characterization: Learn how to build a believable character personality (all ages)

Stay in the Scene: Believing your circumstances and getting rid of distractions (all ages)

Theater Games: Viola Spolin's method for improving vocalization, diction, characterization, and "in the moment" thinking through improvisational theater games (all ages).

$7.50/class, payable by the month.



Instructor, Abigail Braniff

$10/Class (sibling discount $8)

Lyrical dance is a mixture of both ballet and contemporary dance. Classes include stretching and strengthening, choreography and improvisation. Ages 7+.



Instructor, Owen Braniff

This class is for beginning students and will orient the student to the basics of playing melodies and chords for musical enrichment.

Instruments are not provided.




Instructor, Abigail Braniff


Irish Dance is a technical folk dance with strong focus on rhythm and strength. Classes include stretching, strengthening, and solo and group repertoire in basic Jigs and Reels. Ages +7. 


Take a brief SURVEY to let us know your interests and time preferences. We can sometimes schedule a class just for you and your friends with a minimum of 5 committed students.