Emily Nunez Voice Recital

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 "Join me for an afternoon of songs and awkward, giggly, pre-written dialogue as I go through some of my favorite musical numbers from some of my favorite shows."

Emily Nunez is a founding partner at Talents Unleashed studios and currently the Co-Director and Head of Choreography for Vessels of G.O.L.D., Vessels Vault and Chrysos, as well as a founding and active member and director of Aureus theater group.

Emily has been performing for the past fourteen years and has been studying voice since her early teens; she is a current voice student of Colleen Amaya. Emily performed at the 2011 Miami Music Teachers Foundation Jazz Festival and 2011 MMTF Jazz Festival Honors recital and has received awards from the National Association of Teachers of Singing.  She also currently offers private voice lessons at the Talents Unleashed studio.