Special Events

Here is a Christmas Carols List so that you can sing along with your favorite carols this season!

Malice in the Palace

The musical story of Queen Esther, presented by our 6-16 year-olds. 

Come for live and entertaining fun!

4:00, Saturday, December 9

7:00, Saturday, December 9


Emily Nunez Voice Recital

Yes, she's going to do it!

Sunday, December 10 - get your tickets!

Go here for more information.

Young Talents Unleashed

Free event at the Steinway Gallery on December 14 at 2:00, featuring offerings by homeschoolers - and cast members from Vessels of GOLDVessels Vault and the Talents Unleashed community.


Jazz Hounds

Coming to Talents Unleashed!

The Jazz Hounds (Bob, Bruce, Gus, Richard, Rick, Ron, Steve and Oz) will play Jazz, Swing, Bossa Nova, Bebop, Samba and Blues standards.

The group consists of Trumpet, Clarinet, Sax, Clarinet, Piano, Drums and Guitar.

Reserve your seat here for Sunday, January 14, 6:00-8:00 PM.