Instructors and Staff

Debra Arce-Carr - Director, Founder of Talents Unleashed, Piano and Music Theory

 Debra Arce-Carr has participated in music and performance almost her entire life! Beginning as a pianist, then accompanist, she received her AA in music from St. Petersburg College and her BA in Music Education from the University of Central Florida.  

Her years of experience include music church work in English and Spanish-speaking churches, 40+ years of piano teaching, 20+ years of homeschooling and creator and director of Vessels of G.O.L.D. in 2001.  Growth Opportunities for Learning and Development (GOLD) was followed by summer camps and the Talents Unleashed studio. Since that time, Aureus, Chrysos, Vessels Vault, Nuggets of GOLD, GOLD in Harmony, Memories of GOLD and now Acts of GOLD have been added to the list. She is also now approved to take Gardiner Scholarship students.

She loves the creativity and always-changing canvas of talents and ideas that pass her way. Her desire is to provide wholesome, creative environments, outlets and experiences for performers, teachers and audiences in the performing arts.  

Soli Deo Gloria!

Juliana Inguanzo, Director - Nuggets of GOLD


Juliana Inguanzo has been part of the Talents Unleashed family since 2010 and has grown so much in the performing arts.  She has participated in four musical productions with Vessels of GOLD (Seeking Perfection, Time, Unleashed, Perspective[s]), one film production with Vessels Vault (Rootless Wanderer), a teen play production with Talents Unleashed (In Between the Lines), and is now directing young thespians in Nuggets of GOLD.

Some of her elaborate aspirations are to own a theater, write, produce, direct productions, and help young artists thrive, just as the studio has done for her.

Angelic Hernandez, Co-Director - Nuggets of GOLD


Angelic has been a part of Talents Unleashed since 2017. She has always enjoyed the arts and is so thankful for all she has learned through the studio.  She has studied music theory for the past 2 years while also taking piano and voice lessons. She has volunteered with TU Summer Camps in the past; working with the 6-10 and 8-12 age groups. She is also going into her third year with Vessels of G.O.L.D, taking part in the 2017-2018 production of Unleashed and the 2018-2019 production of Perspective[s]. Through her experience with Vessels of G.O.L.D. Angelic has been able to practice and study concepts such as scriptwriting, She is so excited to share all that she has learned while directing Nuggets this upcoming year, and cannot wait to watch as they share their talents with their friends, families, and community. 

Abella Prieto, Director, Acts of GOLD

Stella Jefferson - Drama

Stella started acting 12 years ago with Plaza 7 Talent Agency. She has been in dozens of performances and 14 full productions, including commercials, short films, and theater. She studied theater with Miami Arts Charter School's Troupe 8123 and is proud of her troupe for winning Critic's choice in the Pantomime category. Most recently she was in Seminole Theater's A Christmas Carol as Martha Crachit. She loves Jesus and believes He used storytelling because it's one of the most effective ways to convey a point. Actors have the important job of helping stories come to life and mean something to someone.

Emily Nunez - Co-Director, Voice, Choreography

Emily Nuñez was a performing member of Vessels of G.O.L.D. for 10 years before taking up the position of Assistant Director.  She then helped to found  Aureus Theater Group and has performed with them in five original productions.  She is currently the Co-Director and Head of Choreography for Vessels of G.O.L.D. and Vessels Vault; she also had the honor of directing Chrysos in five wonderful productions over the past few years.

Emily performed at the 2011 Miami Music Teachers Foundation Jazz Festival and 2011 MMTF Jazz Festival Honors recital and has received awards from the National Association of Teachers of Singing for her vocal performance.  She has taken vocal lessons for the past 10 years and continues her vocal study with Colleen Amaya. 

She is currently the Co-Director of Talents Unleashed as well as a private vocal instructor herself. 

Abigail Braniff, Director - Chrysos, Lyrical dance, Irish dance, Ballet, Choreography


Abigail Braniff has been dancing for over twelve years. She has experience in tap, jazz, flamenco, waltz and swing dancing. She is entering her first competitive Irish dance season in Spring 2018, and is a Senior  Contemporary Company member at her studio. Though she loves all styles of dance, Ballet is her passion, and this year she has had the opportunity to study Ballet at Miami Dade College. She has helped choreograph for A Midsummer Night's Dream, Chrysos, and Vessels in the past. Abigail loves performing, trying new styles and techniques, choreographing, and teaching. She has been part of Talents Unleashed since 2013, taking classes, participating as a Vessels member, and as a volunteer.  She is excited to return as a performer and teacher for the 2017-18 school year.

Laura Inguanzo, Co-Director, Chrysos

Michele Rothkopf - Director, Memories of GOLD

Michele has been performing with Memories of GOLD for 3 years. She has a sincere heart for the senior generation and a great love of music.
She finds joy in singing, dancing, playing the flute and connecting with people, and feels truly blessed to be part of such a special group that combines them all.

Owen Braniff - Guitar and Ukulele

Owen Braniff has been part of the Talents Unleashed community since he was 8.  He is beginning his freshman year and 4th year of Vessels of GOLD. He has loved music all his life, starting with the viola at 5, and meddling with piano for a few years.  He has been studying guitar for a year and a half, and is eager to share what he knows with others.

Nicholas Paredes - Memories of GOLD, Music Theory, Piano, Ukulele

Nicholas Paredes has been a part of the TU family since 2014, and has spent each year in Vessels of G.O.L.D. and various music lessons. Since graduating high school this past year, he has moved into Aureus, as well as teaching music classes and private lessons.

Nicholas has had around 12 years of private piano instruction, and wants to be able to pass on some of that knowledge to anyone who wants to learn. He is currently teaching many students piano and theory, as well as directing Memories of G.O.L.D., a performing group dedicated to learning older songs and performing them to elderly citizens in retirement homes, hospitals, and similar venues.

His true passion lies with the older generations, and plans on earning a degree in Music Therapy.