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That one small step to the stage

Today we had a "baby ballet" recital. The audience was full of enthusiastic friends and family as the tiniest of ballerinas took the stage. Some of them waved and posed; some very seriously concentrated on their performance, and alas, one - there's often one - just wouldn't take that step. It seems like such a little thing to step up on our small stage that often doubles as a seating and visiting area. But when there is an "audience" and lights and the music comes on, it can feel like an entirely different reality.

Tonight we have "Open Mic Night" and we may have a similar variety of experiences. One is playing piano for the first time, another is a professional. So why do they share the same program? Because that's what we do. We SHARE what we have learned and practiced with others. It is a JOY to share something that is meaningful to you. It is a blessing to show or say, "Look what I learned!" It is a blessing to the audience to see or hear it.

Is it for our glory? No. That's another thing we learn. The audience thanks the performer for what they offered (with applause); the performer acknowledges the thanks with a "you're welcome" (a bow). But we never want to forget to give honor to the One who gave us the opportunity to Learn, Grow and Develop these gifts and talents.

The best thing about live performance (or life) is not about witnessing perfection, but witnessing a perfect adaptation to imperfection.

We learn. We share. We grow. We are thankful!

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Welcome to our new website !

We would like to welcome you to our new Talents Unleashed website and social media community. 

We have combined all of the Talents Unleashed groups, classes and offerings into one location for better communications and information dissemination. 

There will be different layers of access to the site:

Visitors will only be able to see into a certain level on the site, while our group members will be able to see deeper layers of their group's information, such as schedules and other activities. The members will be able to communicate with other group members without the rest of the world seeing their posts and without using any other social media like Facebook. We hope to add private calendars, rehearsal footage and other types of information that will not be seen by the general public.

Access to the member and group areas will be controlled by our Talents Unleashed staff to ensure security and safety of all our members. 

The site will be evolving with new features on a daily basis so be patient with the website staff. The staff will include senior staff members as well as a few interns that will learning as they go. 

If at any time you have questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to us through the proper channels. 

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Christmas Carols

Lets Sing