Vessels of GOLD 2019-20




Owen Braniff is 15, and has been a part of Vessels of Gold for four years.  He is honored to be a part of this cast of amazing individuals, some new, some old.  He enjoys making music, drawing, painting, and doing anything with friends. A black-belt in Tae-kwon-do, and a guitar teacher at the studio, Owen hopes you get the most out of this show, and thanks you for coming!


Grace Colvin is 14 years old, she loves acting, singing, and dancing. She's enjoyed working with everyone this year in Vessels of Gold and hopes you like the show!




Jake Inguanzo is 14 years old. This is his second year with Vessels of GOLD and ninth year with Talents Unleashed. He has a very large family, him being the only boy of four kids. On his free time, he loves to sing, dance, play the piano, and do anything with his friends. Jake is so excited on this year's show, and he hopes you enjoy it!


Angelic Hernandez is 16 years old and is a sophomore in high school. This is her second year in Vessels of GOLD. Angelic has been a competitive swimmer for 8 years and she hopes to continue swimming in college. Angelic is also known for being extremely clumsy, SO if you ever need help spotting her she is most likely the one that has just fallen on the floor… But in all seriousness, Angelic is so happy to be performing alongside such incredible people and is thankful for all the work the cast members, parents, and directors have been put in to make such a wonderful show she hopes you all enjoy as much as she does!





Jocelyn is 17 years old and has an enormous passion for the performing arts. This is her third year with vessels and feels blessed to be part of the family. She loves spreading the love of Jesus to her community and being a part of the worship team for her youth group. She welcomes you to the show and hopes it brings you laughter and joy.





Allyson is 13 years old and her favorite color is Shimmer- Aquamarine (which you must say with a hand-sweep or else its not the same thing) and she loves mermaids! One of her favorite pass-times is horseback riding. She also loves singing. This is Allyson's first year with Vessels of GOLD and she is absolutely adoring it! Enjoy the show!


Leor is 13 years old and wants to be a ninja later in life. ...wait...ugh. Secrecy is hard.


Manuela Inguanzo is sixteen and a junior in highschool. In her nine years of being a part of Talents Unleashed, she has performed with them for five.  When she’s not working on perfecting her talents or working on her school, she is hanging out with her family and friends.  She is extremely blessed that she has this opportunity and hopes that you enjoy the show!



Karissa Viggiani is 16 and a dual enrollment student at Miami Dade College.  this will be her 5th year working with Talents Unleashed.  Karissa is trying to teach her self guitar, and reading can entertain her for hours.  She is very thankful to the directors and performers that worked so hard to make this show happen, and hopes you enjoy Perspectives!