Vessels Of Gold

What is Vessels of G.O.L.D?

Vessels of GOLD began in 2001. The purpose of our group is to provide a safe and fertile environment for members to discover and develop their gifts and talents. Each year, our members work together to hone their skills and discover abilities that are a benefit to themselves and their communities.

Through close interaction and cooperation, the students explore ways to convey a theme and try new aspects of the performing arts. Through classes, sharing, teaching and studying, students have the chance to expand their experiences and broaden their interests.

Members rehearse once/week locally, and offer public performances in the spring. Our performances are intended to be wholesome and fun entertainment for people of all ages.

Feel free to contact us to book performances or for information about joining. Final auditions are held on various dates in late spring and summer, with a new set of rehearsals beginning in the fall.

What is G.O.L.D?

Growth Opportunities for Learning and Development is a 501(c)3 organization that was formed for the purpose of providing classes, hands-on training, internships, teaching opportunities, performances for communities, and much, much more.

G.O.L.D. activities and rehearsals are associated with the studios of Talents Unleashed.  A complete list of class schedules and other groups may be found in the site.


Welcome to our members for this (2017-18) year:

John Bowles, Abigail Braniff, Owen Braniff, Mia Checa, Jocelyn Chevarria, Grace Colvin, Bruna Da Silva, Lucas Da Silva, Logan Gonzalez, Angelic Hernandez, Jake Inguanzo, Juliana Inguanzo, Mauela Inguanzo, Ingrid Lopez, Genevieve Matos, Michael Paredes, Nick Paredes, Luisa Paulus, Zoe Rafols, Adam Rothkopf

Pictures coming soon. In the meantime, you can see some of them in our 2016-17 cast picture!


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You missed it!

Our Spring 2017 Performance of Harmony has ended. This show was a wonderful compilation of original skits, hand-picked songs, and swingin' dances, all coming together to deliver thought-provoking insights on the ways in which we communicate and how they affect our everyday harmony. From funny to emotional, deep to witty, the whole show was an engaging and entertaining experience with great take-aways for any age! The entire production was written and performed by a cast of homeschooled teens ages 12-18.