Vessels Of GOLD

See the Show!

Library Shows

(lots of great music, but not the full show)

West Dade Regional Public Library, 4:00, Wednesday, April 3

Books and Books Suniland, 6:00, Sunday, April 7

Coral Reef Public Library, 4:00, Wednesday, April 10

Pinecrest Public Library, 4:00, Wednesday, April 24

Aventura Public Library, 4:00, Friday, April 26

(Schools, nursing homes and other private facilities not listed here. Contact us to request a visit.)

Evening Performances (full shows)

First Baptist of Cutler Ridge, 7:30, Friday, April 12

South Kendall Community Church, 7:00, Tuesday, April 23

Crossbridge Church, 7:00, Wednesday, April 24

(We still have a few dates available.

Contact us to schedule a show in April!)


Vessels of G.O.L.D. presents "Perspective(s)" and hosts special features by Nuggets of G.O.L.D., Chrysos, the Vessels Vault and G.O.L.D. in Harmony

Seminole Theatre, Saturday, May 4, 7:00 PM

Tickets available for purchase

(currently only available through us)

Meet our 2018-19 cast!


Talents Unleashed is a place where I've been able to express myself freely and grow by leaps and bounds as a human being. Through the various classes, summer camps, performances I've seen, and groups I've participated in (most specifically, Vessels of G.O.L.D.), I've gained confidence in myself, gotten unbelievably better as a singer, dancer, actor, improviser, and performer, and become part of a tight-knit family that will always have a massive spot in my heart. I would recommend Vessels of G.O.L.D. for everyone who wants to feel comfortable yet challenged onstage and offstage, and who wants the freedom to express individuality and bring their own creative ideas to life. In other words: I would recommend Vessels of G.O.L.D. for everyone. Period.

[My son] grew so much over the 4 years in Talents Unleashed. The experience was great but even better was the lifelong friends he made along the way. His life will never be the same because the friends and adult leaders that have truly enriched his life forever!

Vessels of GOLD and all of talents unleashed have exposed me to such a safe environment and family who embraced me with such open arms! With their help I have grown so much and have been able to do things I did not believe I was capable of doing. This group is so supportive and encouraging and this has been an experience I will never forget.

The people at Talents Unleashed have become our family. Being a part of the Vessels of GOLD troupe has brought so much joy into our child's life and has given him the opportunity to bring joy into the lives of others. We are truly blessed to be part of this special community.

Vessels of GOLD is such a rewarding experience. In joining, I grew not only in showcasing my talents on stage, but also in learning to be a part of something. I made memories and friendships that I will cherish forever; I thought that one year in theatre would be enough, but after my first year in GOLD, I found myself wanting to do it again... and again and again. I'm going into my fourth and final year with this group, and I couldn't ask for a better program to perform with. Vessels of GOLD is such a unique experience-- one that I am extremely lucky to have found.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I learned how to sing and dance better. But most importantly it teaches you how to be a better you in all ways.

Want to join?

Auditions for this group begin May 1.

For ages 12-18. 

This group meets weekly on Wednesdays from 10:00AM - 2:30PM, beginning in September. Performances take place throughout the month of April.


Presented in 2018



Our 2017-18 show season is over! DVDs are available!