Vessels of GOLD 2017-2018

2017-2018 Cast


Adam is not the same person he was yesterday.  He might be a far more creative, or spontaneous, or caring person than he was just 24 hours ago.  Maybe he's somehow managed to be even less funny, or more awkward, or crazier, or klutzier.  Adam is a giant sugar cookie filled with an assortment of strange ingredients, and the recipe changes slightly as he goes along from day to day... but a few things will pretty much definitely be the case at the time you are watching this performance.  He will be 17 years old and nearing the end of his senior year; he will have officially been performing for over nine years, and unofficially performing for approximately 17; he will be ready to get up on that stage for his final Vessels performance season and rock your socks off (ideally fuzzy socks!); and he will be endlessly grateful to his caring/kind/talented/interesting/awesome Vessels friends (family) for taking him along for the ride, and to his caring/kind/talented/interesting/awesome Vessels directors (family) for driving the bus!  The 2018 Vessels show "Unleashed" is the newest baby in the TU family tree, and Adam is honored to raise and care for it with such a beautiful family!



Luisa Paulus is 17 and this is her 3rd year in Vessels of G.O.L.D. Some of her past experience includes 8 years of classical ballet, Miami Children's Choir and she was assistant-director of "In Between the Lines" last summer. She enjoys a good book, whether it’s a graphic novel or historical fiction. She has a passion for musical theater, and loves the way it can transport you into a different world. She enjoys listening to the sound tracks of those musicals while drawing, painting and lettering. She also enjoys photography and spending time at Disney with her family. This is Luisa's senior year and though she's sad her time in Vessels is coming to a close, she's excited for the things to come. She's so excited for this years show and can't wait to act, dance and sing her heart out! She'd like to thank her parents, siblings and family and her second family in Vessels who've helped her get to this point.




Hey guys!! Flint Kai Schmidt here!! But call me Flint!! And I just wanna say thank you all for coming to see our performance!! We are all super excited to put this show on and have You here!! I am 18 years old and performed in Vessels of Gold's Harmony as well as In Between the Lines as Alex!! I love most people and most things such as Mom, dad, brother, dogs, cats, anime, pretending to fight, basketball, friends!!... and this tan fuzzy hat of mine... plus plus much more!! I couldn't have gotten here without all of them!! I wanna thank the directors and my fellow actors for putting all the work and effort in to make this possible!! Now what you are really here for... I was born in Germany, in a town called Bielefeld. My mom, was an overseas accountant, who was passing through town and met, and fell in love with my dad! He was a blacksmith in Bielefeld and they lived there together and eventually got married! Then I was born! They came up with Flint as my name! We moved to America when I was only 1 year old, and have lived here every since!! I found this wondeful theater through my wonderful friends and have loved every moment in it!! Honestly this community is magical, and somehow manages to attract the most amazing people!! I wouldn't have wanted to do theater anywhere else!! Enjoy this beautiful show, you beautiful person you!! But don't smile... sir.


Bruna is 17 years old, and has been a part of Vessels of G.O.L.D. for three years. She has been involved with the arts since she was six years old. She has helped to direct the Chrysos performing arts group and the TU musical theater camp for kids, as well as Talents Unleashed's 2017 performance of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Though she adores the arts, her true, undying passions lie within the Internet, which provides the two most important ingredients of life: Netflix and the Hamilton soundtrack! Internet aside, Bruna is very excited for this year’s production of Unleashed and hopes that the audience will laugh, cry, and enjoy the show as much as the actors do!


John loves to DJ, Dance, and Act on stage.  Vessels of Gold has been a wonderful experience that has provided just such an opportunity. In the past 3 years he has had countless times of enjoyment with the team creating, singing, and dancing all their way to the Seminole Stage.  Establishing JBOW Entertainment, his company, sponsoring VOG at Seminole in years past, and completing his Boys Scouts Highest Award; Eagle Scout, is over.  He can now concentrate on performing and finishing his Senior Studies.  He looks back on the memories over the years and wishes everyone could have great friends like him.  Friends who put blow up animals on their cars, friends who sneak into and trash your room with a myriad of stuffed animals and Christmas decorations when you are gone.  He will not forget VOG members dancing at live performances, and impromptu performances at the mall; laughing at how tall he is vs the others, and always making a noisy entrance with his mustang.  He wants to thank Debbie and Emily for the great experience and their commitment to the Arts and most of all their love for the Vessels Troupe. 


Ingrid Lopez is a seventeen year old high-school senior with way too many hobbies. She loves reading, dancing, teaching, playing music, and, most passionately, school! She has been performing in plays, dance recitals, and music showcases for over ten years and has had the privilege of choreographing and directing various productions. She loves the arts, and is particularly fond of the way they can be used to influence people and evoke a buffet of emotions. Besides the basic theatre kid stuff, Ingrid is also in her second year as President of the Omega Nu National Homeschool Honor Society, a WSIA with the Red Cross, and teacher at Musicall. She is so glad her friends convinced her to finally join Vessels! She would like to thank the directors, cast, and moms who helped make this year amazing and her parents and two older siblings for being the best support group she could ask for. She hopes you enjoy the show!



Michael is 17 years old and in the elephant grade. He enjoys cooking, playing basketball, flying to the moon, and being Batman! (Please don’t tell anyone his true identity.) Michael has attempted to play the piano and guitar, but neither of the two ever stuck with him. However, it was when he first listened to Frank Sinatra that Michael realized his favorite instrument was his own voice. What is the meaning of life, you ask? Honey, honey is the meaning of life. If you are ever sad, just eat a spoonful of honey. Winnie the Pooh has been trying to show us this whole time, and no one ever realizes why he has no honey. It is simply because Winnie the Pooh has no life. -- Oh no! It’s the bat signal! Michael has to go save the city now! He hopes you all enjoy the show!



Nicholas is 17 years older than when he was born and in 11th grade. Have you ever wondered: why are biscuits mistreated in this society? The instant they grow mold, they are tossed into the trash without a second thought. Why? Nick does not know. Next time you see a moldy biscuit, please, PLEASE, spare it just a second thought, and you will understand. Nicholas is sometimes a writer, sometimes a musician, sometimes an artist, and sometimes a performer. He always likes to confuse people, like with this sentence. Also, he sometimes wears a hat with a pig on it… He is super excited for this year’s show and hopes you all enjoy!



Abigail Braniff is 17, and this is her 5th year in Vessels. Since she joined the TU family in 2013, she has been able to participate as a volunteer, performer, choreographer, teacher, and this year, as a director! Among other things, she enjoys making music, playing the violin, singing, reading, choreographing, writing, and organizing. Her passion, however, is dancing. She has been studying ballet for over 12 years, and is currently a member of the Sr. Company at her studio. This spring she is entering her first season of competitive Irish dancing, and is completing her 3rd year as a dance teacher at TU. She also has experience in contemporary, tap, jazz, and ballroom. Abigail is a Christian and is active in the kids ministry at Crossbridge Church. She is a member of the Omega Nu Homeschool Honor Society and a WSIA with the Red Cross. She would like to thank the cast, moms, and directors who helped make this year so magical, and her friends and family, both inside and outside Vessels, for being so supportive and caring.   


Angelic is 15 years old and is in the 9th grade. This is her first year with the Talent’s Unleashed family. She has always loved performing and singing… even if it is restricted to the walls of her shower. Apart from performing, she spends her time in the pool early in the morning and late at night. She has been homeschooled for 4 years and is so grateful for the chance it gives her to grow closer to the Lord. Angelic wants to thank the directors and her wonderful cast members for all the time (and energy) they put in to help us create such an incredible show that she hopes you all enjoy!



Grace Colvin is 13 years old and this is her first year in Vessels of GOLD. She is a brown belt in karate and enjoys singing, dancing and acting. She's so happy you came to the show and hopes you enjoy!


Mia Checa is sixteen years old and can always be found doing one of three things: eating chocolate, drinking coffee, or listening to 80s music (specifically The Police). Aside from those very important elements of her life, Mia has always loved performing onstage, laughing with her sisters, and serving the Lord with her best friends. This is her third season with the Vessels family, and she is so thankful to her parents, directors, and fellow cast members for making this show and year a memorable reality. She hopes you enjoy the show!




Today is not yesterday.  It is today, and here you are, sitting in a row of seats about to be amazed.  You can trust Owen to perform like there is no tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes.  Owen is 14 years closer to arriving to the great beyond, and has been moving closer to that moment ever since he was conceived.  His general interests are drawing, climbing, jumping, and making people laugh.  The two leaders of this group are commanders he would happily follow into whatever void they would send him.  He has been truly gifted this year to be placed into this group, which contains some of his closest friends, and has created some new ones.  Throughout the 6 years of which he has been involved with this organization, while not always leisurely, these experiences have crafted him into the fabulous fellow he is.  Toodle-pip! 


Zoe Rafols is 17 years old and has been acting for as long as she can remember. She used to choreograph dances and force her siblings and cousins to put on shows for their parents. Zoe can often be found singing at the top of her lungs at home and in the car, even though it probably annoys her family (sorry guys). This is her third year in Vessels of Gold and she has loved every minute! She is so thankful for everything her directors have done to make this the best show/ year possible. 


Jocelyn is 14 years old and this is her first year in Vessels of G.O.L.D. She enjoys singing and has always performed in school choir. She is the oldest of her 4 siblings, and enjoys spending time with her family and pets. Jocelyn is part of the youth worship ministry at Life Point Church in Homestead, FL, and enjoys serving the Lord. She is very excited to be a part of the Vessels of G.O.L.D. family and is looking forward to a wonderful year!


Jake Inguanzo is 13 years old and so ready for this show.  Although it is his first year as a part of the Vessels of GOLD cast, he has been in the “performing business” since 2014. He has participated in several summer camps, two Chrysos seasons (2015 & 2016), and Vessels Vault (2017). Adding previous years of affiliation with Talents Unleashed, he and his family have been in the Talents Unleashed family for a total of 7 years.  He has three older sisters, one of which is a Vessel’s alumnus and two others which are in the current show. Jake enjoys dancing, singing, and hanging around his great friends and goofy family. He hopes you enjoy the show and to see you next season.



Juliana Inguanzo is 17 years old and junior in high school.  She likes to create art, generate and develop storylines, and takes pride in her eclectic music taste.  Her dream job would be a director/producer/stage manager of film and theatre productions. She has performed in two previous seasons of Vessels of GOLD, Seeking Perfection (2015) and Time (2016), was a founding member of the film group Vessels Vault, and participated in the 2017 summer show, In Between Lines. She’s eager to perform this year’s story and hopes you enjoy the show!



Manuela Inguanzo is 15 years old and is a sophomore in high school. She enjoys dancing, hanging out with her family and friends, and taking extraordinarily long naps. She has performed in two previous shows with Vessels of GOLD: Seeking Perfection (2015) and Time (2016). She also was a founding member of the group, Vessels Vault, which produced the movie called The Rootless Wanderer in the Spring of 2017.  Along with that, she participated in the 2017 summer show, In Between the Lines.  She’s pleased that each season has been filled with joy and laughter, including some rough spots that have helped grow her. She is especially excited to perform this show and hopes you enjoy!



Genevieve Matos is 14 years old and in 8th grade. This is her first year with the Talents Unleashed family and it has been a truly spectacular one. When she is not found at rehearsal or performing on stage she can often be found goofing off with friends, playing with her dog, or listening to music.  If she is not found doing these things she is most likely in a corner somewhere with her nose in a book. She also enjoys writing, making music, photography, and singing with her church and at Miami Children’s Choir. She is extremely excited to present this year’s show to everyone and she would like to thank her fellow cast members and her directors for giving her this opportunity. She hopes that the audience enjoys watching the show as much as she enjoyed making it.