Wish List

Old or New.. We could use!

 88 weighted key keyboard for rehearsals
Canon DSLR lenses for videotaping
Dedicated computer for video editing
Additional curtains and hardware to complete our stage area
Closeable storage boxes of particular dimensions for prop and costume storage
Card tables (2) for optional classroom use
Small corner units for storage of tall items
Signs and labeled flags for outside use

Maybe it is just laying around in the garage, the attic or a spare room.

Want to help but don't have any of these items? We thankfully accept cash donations via the paypal button.  

We have ongoing needs for program printing, office supplies, printed t-shirts, etc.




We are organizing!

We need more boxes. They can be found at Lowe's for $7 each. If you want to see how many we still need, please check this link.